95% of Weight Loss Programs Deliver Temporary Weight Loss… But They Don’t Actually Do Anything To Solve Your Ongoing Weight Problem

In my years of study and practice, I have rejected weight loss programs again and again because every single one of them does one of these:

  • Forces or prevents the body’s natural function with stimulants or inhibitors
  • Damages hormone receptors
  • Starves the body of critical fats and nutrients
  • Increases cellular inflammation & dysfunction
  • Promotes an improper diet
  • Actually lowers your metabolism

Quick-fix and popular diet crazes provide minor, short-lived benefits; however, without properly treating inflammation, you can’t restore your hormone balance and the weight comes right back.
To Lose Weight and Successfully Keep It Off, You Need To Properly Balance Hormones.

Most diet programs focus on quickly reducing your weight, but they don’t work to restore your body’s proper balance. However, other factors impact your body’s ability to balance hormones, and have a tremendous affect your weight and health.

Weight loss is directed by hormones. If you have a weight problem, you have a hormone problem. And in our modern environment, to understand and fix hormones, you must understand how toxins affect the hormones involved in weight loss.
Toxins cause inflammation in and on every cell. The fact that we address inflammation and toxicity is what makes our program different from typical weight loss programs, and why it is more effective. Recent research indicates that inflammation is at the root of virtually every health problem. Inflammation indicates the presence of irritants which affect a cell inside and out. This can cause a cell to over-produce certain messengers (such as hormones & cytokines), or prevent them from transmitting or receiving messages in their chain of communication – or both. Inflammation drains a cell’s energy and prevents the cell from being able to function properly.

What Are The Most Common Agitators That Cause Inflammation?

  • Toxins
  • Bad fats
  • Sugar

Most effects of inflammation go unnoticed. However, as the inflammation continues to grow, you eventually experience a symptom. One of the most common symptoms of inflammation is an interruption in your hormone balance (a delicate balance susceptible to inflammation), and you begin to gain weight.

If You Live In the 21st Century, Your Body Is Exposed To Toxins

Toxins can enter your body through the air you breathe, through skin exposure, or through your food. As toxins come into the body they attach themselves to fat, wherever it is found, especially to fat cells, cell membranes in the Central Nervous System, and throughout your body. Toxins build up on the cell membrane and cause a chain of events that cause weight gain.
This toxic buildup can cause weight gain two different ways: first, toxins damage delicate hormone receptors, including leptin receptors, and cause havoc with your hormones; second, toxins can cause the release of too much leptin. Leptin is a hormone which tells your brain two important things: first, to stop eating when you’ve had enough, and second, to burn fat for energy.
However, instead of healthy doses of leptin, toxins cause the leptin to keep flowing. As the leptin levels continue to rise, the brain’s leptin receptor sites eventually burn out. This is called “leptin resistance.” Once these sites are exhausted, your brain can’t “hear” the message to burn fat. So no matter what diet you follow, or what exercise you do, you will not burn fat and you will not lose weight because your body is not getting the signal from leptin.

Restore Your Ideal Body Weight: Detoxify Your Cells, Reduce Inflammation, and Restore Hormone Balance

The Cellular Healing Diet and Detox program is incredibly effective.

Here is how our Cellular Healing Diet program works:

  • We Test To Identify Your Toxic Burden: We first do an in-office screening and run lab tests to measure the presence and extent of toxic burden in the body
  • Remove Toxins From The Body: We then remove these toxins appropriately and carefully
  • Restore Hormone Balance: As your body rids itself of toxins, it will naturally move toward correcting the cause of hormone dysregulation, which was ultimately the reason for weight loss resistance. (Sometimes the body can correct itself; sometimes it needs the additional help through nutritional or herbal support.)
  • Reduce Inflammation and Heal Cells: Finally, our program teaches a diet which literally reduces inflammation and heals cells: The Cellular Healing Diet.

Many people who said they could not lose weight no matter what diet or exercise they tried, have lost weight, even 100 lbs or more, on our Cellular Healing Diet & Detox program. It works.

This is the only diet I will teach my patients, the diet I follow myself and recommend to my family… because it works by healing the body!

Heal the body to lose unwanted weight: what a wonderful concept in this society of quick fixes and artificial stimulants and substitutions!

If you want to learn how to:

  • HEAL hormone receptors
  • HEAL your cells
  • REDUCE inflammation & LOWER CHOLESTEROL without medication
  • INCREASE your energy naturally – with energy from healthy cells
  • DETOXIFY on a cellular level – the ONLY detox that will make a lasting improvement!

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