Inflammation has now been linked to nearly every disease and health complaint. Inflammation at the microscopic level, called “cellular inflammation,” has been found to be the main culprit – that elusive “root cause” of disease – in strokes, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, MS, fibromyalgia, depression, chronic fatigue, and the list goes on and on.

Inflammation may affect your entire body, but the symptoms you experience will often reveal your genetic “weak link.” Symptoms often begin where you’re genetically susceptible.

“Symptoms” are actually helpful information! That may surprise you. However, when you understand inflammation, it makes sense: a symptom is your body’s way of telling you “something’s wrong here.”

Common Culprits

Causes of cellular inflammation can vary widely. Toxins are generally to blame, found in hundreds, even thousands, of forms. Chemicals, cosmetics, plastics, heavy metals, “Biotoxins” (a toxin made from a living organism, such as molds, bacteria, viruses & parasites), and even medications, are toxic to the human body.

Foods can cause inflammation. Consuming foods to which you are sensitive or allergic will drive your immune response. This may manifest in your body in many ways, including fatigue, headaches, weight gain, acne & skin problems, achy joints, digestive problems, and contribute to autoimmune processes.

Trans-fats (hydrogenated oils & partially hydrogenated oils) can cause cellular inflammation by disrupting both hormones and cell membrane permeability. Membrane permeability is a life-preserving and health-giving quality, because this determines what can go into & out of a cell. A healthy membrane can allow necessary nutrients into the cell, and allow waste out of the cell. When permeability is compromised by stiff, impermeable trans-fats or irritating toxins, cells become starved for oxygen and nutrients, they cannot make sufficient energy, and then perform poorly. The result of cell membrane inflammation is messy – cells become filthy inside as waste builds up and cannot escape. If a cell cannot clean itself out the DNA is threatened, undesirable genes can be triggered, diseases may be expressed, and mutations may lead to cancer.

Sugar is a leading cause of inflammation in the United States today. The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is jam-packed with sugar in many forms, from refined carbs to high fructose corn syrup, and toxic sugar substitutes which also act as neurotoxins. Sugar inflames blood vessels, contributing to cardiovascular disease. Sugar requires the pancreas to produce insulin for every glucose molecule, and diets high in carbohydrates can lead to pancreatic exhaustion, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

Sugar can damage hormone receptors, interfering with hormone communication and creating imbalances in the endocrine system.

Toxins are removed through careful & appropriate Cellular Detoxification!

All toxins cannot be removed from the body the same way. You must work with a trained and experienced practitioner to ensure first, that your body is ready to detox, second, that detox is done safely, and third, it is done with the right tools.
Dr. Jennings has the training and experience to guide you safely through an appropriate & effective Cellular Detox.

Toxins that cause inflammation:

  • Chemicals: household cleaners & polishes, solvents, industrial and workplace exposures, pesticides, herbicides & fungicides in our food supply, lawns, and landscaping. Flame retardants in baby’s clothing, electronic equipment, mattresses & furniture.
  • Plastics: BPA, phthalates, plastic pipes & water bottles, saran wrap, plastic dishes & storage containers, etc.
  • Fragrances: when you see “fragrance” on a label, be aware that the average fragrance has 100 different chemicals! They are proprietary, so companies are not required to list each ingredient.
  • Cosmetics: cosmetics are full of problematic ingredients like parabens, mineral oil, spray tans, kohl, lead, etc.)
  • Heavy metals: amalgam fillings, environmental mercury exposures, eating fish with mercury, lead from glazed dishes, toys, and many industrial exposures.
  • Biotoxins: black mold seen or hidden in your home, school or work place, Lyme disease, chronic infections.
  • Medications: every medication has a side effect, which means it causes something undesirable to happen. Many medications are toxic to the kidneys or liver, even the nervous system. These can be carefully detoxed as well!

All of these toxins inflame your cell membranes!

  • Some specifically disrupt your hormone communication & lead to hormone cancers.
  • Some target the brain & nervous system.
  • Some damage your organs.
  • Many are known carcinogens.
  • Long-term or massive exposure to toxins can make you over-sensitive to any exposure, known as “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity” – “MCS” is an inflammation issue!

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