Breast Lump, Chronic Constipation

“I had multiple health concerns when I went to see Dr. Jennings. I had struggled with constipation for years. Like 25 years. Nothing seemed to help. I felt trapped. I also was very concerned about finding a lump in my breast. Over the period of 8 months, several ultra sounds showed the lump was growing. In addition to that, my fingernails started “feathering” and flaking off.

I had spoken to several doctors about constipation, but their traditional suggestions (more water, more fiber) just weren’t helping me. Constipation caused me extreme discomfort over the years, as you can imagine, as well as a great deal of anxiety. And the lump in my breast caused a lot of anxiety.

Within two months of taking the supplements advised by Dr. Jennings, a miracle happened: I was able to go to the bathroom without the use of laxatives, stool softeners, or anything of the sort. I can’t emphasize what a miracle this has been!

I now have a daily bowel movement that is regulated by my body and my body alone. Sometimes I go more than once a day! This has been a life-altering experience – more than worth the price of admission!

Within five months of taking the hormone-helping supplements and herbs, the MD breast specialist I had been seeing for more than a year could no longer spot the breast lump on the ultrasound. An MRI and mammogram came out clear as well.

Not only would I heartily recommend Dr. Jennings to others, I already have – to the tune of a dozen people or more. And I will continue to recommend Dr. Jennings. Her passion for helping others heal and live healthily is apparent in all of her visits and conversations. She truly cares about each and every patient, and is the first to point out that every “body” is different. She treats every patient as if they were the only one. Not to mention, she is highly intelligent, great at manual adjustments, and regularly attends health seminars to stay on the cusp of cellular healing.”

S. Myers, Portland, OR

Depression, Poor Immunity, Brain Fog, Adult ADD, Inability to Focus, Sleep Apnea, Overwhelmed

“I was on medication for depression and dealing with symptoms of adult attention deficit disorder, including brain fog, difficulty maintaining focus, lack of motivation and being easily overwhelmed. I had moderate sleep apnea and wore a CPAP mask to bed. I had low immunity to illness and was always coming down with or getting over a cold, flu, sinus infection or other illness.

I had seen multiple doctors to diagnose and/or treat various symptoms: my primary physician, psychiatrists, immunologists, ENT specialists, sleep disorder specialists, an acupuncturist and a homeopathic practitioner. I’m probably missing someone.

I was miserable: always reacting to crises and feeling two steps behind, exhausted and overwhelmed. I lived in my head and felt disconnected from my own body and surroundings.

Dr. Jennings ran various labs, vision and weight measurements; body muscle response testing. Recommendations involved various supplements, the Cellular Healing Diet, and burst exercise. Also education on cell function, body and health and nutrition.

The primary change for me was embracing the Cellular Healing Diet to eliminate sugars and gluten and emphasize organic and natural foods. I also took lots of supplements to detoxify my body and support its ability to heal and maintain itself.

Dr. Jennings put me on the Intermediate Cellular Healing Diet, guided me through a detoxification supplement program and has prescribed various other foods, exercises and supplements to address specific health issues, improve my immune system, and promote general health. The diet was a significant change for me and required an investment in time and money that has paid off in reduction of prescription medications, sick time and medical care, and in providing an improved quality of life.

Within four months of care and a strict commitment to Dr. Jennings’ diet and supplement prescriptions I had significantly improved my resistance to illness, eliminated my sleep apnea symptoms, got off antidepressants, dramatically improved my focus and motivation, and lost nearly 40 lbs.

I would recommend Dr. Jennings to anyone who was serious about committing to changes in their life to improve their health.

Chris Ingham, Fort Collins, CO

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Black Mold Illness, Brain Fog

“I came to see Dr. Jennings in August of 2009 with symptoms of depression, chronic fatigue, severe muscle pain, irritable bowel syndrome, brain fog, and a host of other symptoms that my primary care physician had diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. I could not sleep at night, because I just could not get comfortable due to muscle pain. No matter what I ate, my stomach was bloated and I went through bouts of diarrhea followed by constipation.

I really just wanted it all to end. I even contemplated suicide, thinking that my family would be better off without me than seeing me suffer so much on a daily basis.

I had been to all kinds of doctors – gastroenterologists (barium tastes nasty!), orthopedists (couldn’t find anything wrong), psychotherapists (put me on anti-depressants), allopathic doctors (muscle relaxers), an acupuncturist (helped somewhat with pain relief), and chiropractors, who did help me for short periods of time.

I found it difficult to sleep at night, so I went through my days just trying to keep myself together for my family. My relationship with my husband became strained, because I was not able to be an intimate partner to him. I was just too tired. My children suffered, because I could not do things with them that they enjoyed doing with me. I felt like I was a burden to my family. I couldn’t feel any joy, because everything I did took too much effort.

The first thing Dr Jennings did was to listen to me as I explained the path that led me to her. She looked me straight in the eye and made a promise to help me heal myself. As I sat there in tears, she reassured me that there was hope. It was something that I really needed to hear that day.

She did a thorough physical examination and gave me two diagnostic tests that immediately told her which direction she needed to go in to help me on my way. I left her office with an array of homeopathic and herbal supplements. I was so desperate, that I was willing to try anything.

Within one week of seeing Dr. Jennings, my mood lifted, and I already started sleeping through the night. I realized that I had to make some personal commitments to my new health regimen. It started with taking all of my homeopathic and herbals supplements at the right times and in the right amounts. Dr. Jennings sent me for several diagnostic tests, which determined that I was suffering from heavy metals poisoning. I was skeptical at first, but when I researched mercury poisoning online, everything fell into place. I had all of the symptoms. Upon Dr. Jennings’ recommendation, I immediately arranged to have the amalgam fillings in my mouth safely removed by Dr. Jack Dunn in Longmont.

I changed the way I ate. I cut out all grains except for corn, ate lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, and lean meats like buffalo. Not only did I lose excess weight, but I felt a new lease on life. For the first time in a year, I started laughing out loud, and my family remarked how much nicer it was to spend time with me. Last summer (2011) I went on a five day backpacking trip in the Wind River Range of Wyoming with my husband and daughter.

Another issue I had was bio-toxicity from exposure to black mold. I was working in a building suspected of having mold. Dr. Jennings recommended finding a different position somewhere else to avoid exposure to mold, as well as a blood test to see what needed to be done to detoxify.

I am happy to say that I no longer need as many bottles full of homeopathic or herbal remedies as I did at the beginning of my treatment protocol, just enough to maintain my health and to continue to fight inflammation and rebuild my cells.

I am feeling so well that I have committed myself to a 244 mile canoeing trip for the summer of 2012. The most difficult challenge for me has been to stay on the strict cellular healing diet.

While all the other doctors I had seen before Dr. Jennings had the intention of helping me lead a healthy and productive life, none had the knowledge or took the time to examine my case on the cellular level. Each one of them looked at a piece of the puzzle. Dr. Jennings looked at the whole picture through various methods of discovery, and was able to customize a treatment plan that worked for my body. I am so very grateful for her care and professional manner.

I highly recommend Dr. Jennings to anyone who wishes to be “born again” into a new and healthy lifestyle.”

C.S. Fort Collins, CO

Weight Loss

“Dear Dr. Jennings, It was a lucky day for me when I went to my first Nia class, which you led, and learned you were offering a free class about the Cellular Healing Diet. Since I learned about the basics of the diet at the end of March, my husband and I have forever changed the way we eat. I’ve gradually lost over 15 pounds and my husband Jim has lost over 20, dropping from about 200 to 178 pounds. At 6’2”, Jim was not hugely overweight to begin with, but he’s delighted to weigh what he did about 30 years ago.

Some of the big treats in our new way of eating are full fat dairy products. My husband and I both feel better and have more energy. Changing the way we eat has been a little more expensive, perhaps, but well worth the investment. Best of all, I’m confident that Jim and I will continue to maintain healthy weights and healthier lifestyles for years to come.

Carrie L., Fort Collins, CO

Menopause Issues, Arthritis, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Allergies, Stomach pains, Food Allergies & Fatigue

“I came to Dr. Jennings with my 13 year old daughter who was sick with stomach issues and what seemed to be food allergies. Once getting to know Dr. Jennings and discovering her special gift of treating illnesses at the cellular level…the big picture, I also became a patient for my menopausal issues, allergies, and arthritis pain.

My daughter was told to take allergy medication by other doctors that obviously did not work, and I had tried several doctors also.

My daughter was tired all the time, congested, and had stomach aches. I was having hot flashes, anxiety, bloating, fatigue, hip pain, and congestion.

Dr. Jennings tested my daughter for food allergies using the IgG food sensitivity blood tests, followed with a “non-allergenic” elimination diet and several herbs and homeopathics to heal her gut. Dr. Jennings ran several tests on my hormones and thyroid. I am taking homeopathic mixtures and supplements to help heal my system. She did muscle testing on both of us which determined which supplements would work best to heal the body on the cellular level.

Since my daughter has seen such an improvement in her energy and actually feels good, it has not been that hard for a thirteen year old girl to stick with such a strict diet. We both take several “potions”, as we call them, but the results make us feel so good it is easy to take.

Recently my daughter tried out for her first school sport, is now more active in youth group, has energy, and easily got straight A’s in school. She is thinking more clearly and is noticeable happier and more confident! She has only been seeing Dr. Jennings for 2 ½ months. I am calmer, less congested, my hip no longer hurts, and my anxiety is gone. I am horseback riding now and enjoying it. I could feel the difference in the first few weeks of seeing Dr. Jennings.

I definitely recommend Dr. Jennings to others. I wish everyone would listen to her presentation on cellular healing. It makes so much sense. Dr. Jennings’ philosophy is to educate the patient while she is treating the patient. As a patient of Dr. Jennings, you are a part of the process with the doctor, not just taking orders and hoping it works. The body wants to heal itself and Dr. Jennings gives you the knowledge and tools to do just that.

E. G., Fort Collins, CO


“As kid I had Asthma, but as I got older it went away. I then moved out to Colorado and all those symptoms came back again. I had shortness of breath when doing any sort of activity and felt like I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs. I went to my doctor who then proscribed me with an inhaler and some other medication to take before activity. It helped, but I didn’t want to be dependent on it my entire life. I wanted to get rid of my asthma like I was able to do when I was a child.

I was a pretty healthy person to begin with but not really when it came to my diet, because I was naïve to the bad things I was putting into my body, same with most of America. I have drastically changed my diet for the better and have been taking supplements to give my body what it needs, and I have never felt better.

I thought I felt pretty good, but that was a misnomer. I feel great! Now I have way more energy. I have not gotten the 2:30 afternoon sleepiness since making my diet change and I used to get this every work day.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Jennings to others. Both of my parents struggle with weight and I have been trying to tell them the things I have learned. I want them to live long healthy lives, so they can be with me and my brother and any children we have as long as possible.”

Dan W. of Fort Collins, CO