Dr. Barbara Jennings’ Healthy Hair Program Works At The Root Cause Of Hair Loss and Thinning Hair To Restore Healthier, Fuller Locks

This Program Works With Your Body To Detoxify, Nourish, And Restore What Your Body Needs To Grow Healthy Hair

I had always had thick, full hair. This is me (on the right) sitting on my mother’s lap, a head full of curls. However, years ago I was surprised when my hair began to fall out. My energy was low, and I started losing weight dramatically. When I used shampoo, I was horrified to feel clumps of hair coming out. As my hair grew thinner, I felt less confident and even embarrassed. Normally when I put my hair up, it would fill a ponytail. I knew I was in real trouble when I barely had enough to put into a ponytail at all.

Doctors misdiagnosed the problem and recommended thyroid surgery or even taking radioactive pills. I did not believe that either of these options was right for me. That began a 12-year process of education, detoxification, nutrition, and progress.

This Program Is The Result Of My Own Journey To Discover The Root Cause Of Thinning Hair – And It Includes The Secrets I Have Learned About Restoring Healthy Hair, Naturally

Stop The Cycle Of Thinning And Hair Loss – And Start Loving Your Hair Again

The hair program is available in two ways: Basic and Deluxe. You can choose which option is best for you. Both programs work to help your body detoxify and restore what it needs to grow healthy hair. The Deluxe Hair Rejuvenation Program is for those who want a more comprehensive plan.