Detoxification is An Essential Step In Healing and Healthy Living

Why Everyone Should Care About Cellular Detoxification

Health is not static. Our bodies are constantly changing, either for the better (healing and balance), or for the worse (stress, wear & tear moving us away from balance). Your health tomorrow will either be slightly better or slightly worse, depending on your choices today.

Why do cells need detoxification?

As your cells burn fat and glucose to make energy, waste accumulates inside the cell membrane.

Our bodies are exposed to toxic chemicals every day in our homes, workplaces, and environment. No one is exempt or immune from the daily onslaught of toxicity in our modern world. These chemicals are highly irritating and often poisonous, and they disrupt normal body processes, including each cell’s individual function, and your ability to detox, handle stress, and heal. Toxic, weakened, fatigued cells are poor detoxifiers. They need assistance in every stage!

Cellular Detoxification is the Foundation for Health and Healing

It’s simple, really. An estimated 100 trillion cells make up your body, and their individual health determines your overall health.

A healthy cell doesn’t acquire or develop a chronic illness, or cultivate an environment of weakness or illness.

A healthy cell does recover from stress in a timely manner. A healthy cell protects DNA and creates healthy replacement cells. A healthy cell has sufficient energy to work, clean, & repair. A healthy cell sends and receives appropriate messages – key to many communication systems of the body (hormones, neurotransmitters, cytokines & other immune cells)!

Toxic Cells and Cellular Inflammation Are Closely Related

As toxins build up in the body, they irritate cell membranes and continuously drive inflammation. When cell membranes become inflamed the waste accumulates, cells literally become “dirty.” Detox pathways become overrun, over-burdened, and less effective. Symptoms occur in organs and tissues where cellular inflammation is present.

The Root of the Problem: Toxic Cells

Essential nutrition and fuel must pass through cell membranes to maintain healthy cells, and waste must exit the cell membrane to keep cells clean and protect your DNA.

As inflammation increases and waste accumulates, cells cannot keep up with the oxidative damage and toxicity. We lose our ability to self-clean. Cells become toxic, tired, and even cancerous.

Toxicity and Cellular Inflammation are linked to hundreds of health problems and symptoms.

Detoxify Cells to Restore Your Health

Dr. Jennings works to restore proper cell membrane function. This allows cells to restore proper hormone communication, detoxify themselves, and improve their function.
Healthy cell membranes are the “gate,” allowing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, healthy fats, glucose and other nutrition to enter, and waste to pass out of your cells.

Detoxification allows your body to improve its own cleaning and healing mechanisms.

Antioxidants are Critical

Inside your cells, antioxidants and enzymes are hard at work “cleaning up,” neutralizing free radicals and preparing waste to transport out. Your body will again use specific antioxidants and enzymes to remove waste from extracellular spaces and your organs through a complex system of detoxification pathways. Glutathione, resveratrol, curcumin, and Vitamin C are examples of important antioxidants which help your body combat oxidative damage and toxicity.

Glutathione (GSH) is your body’s most potent antioxidant and is made inside your cells. GSH is your body’s primary housekeeper and works inside your cells. Because of its protective role it is also an anti-cancer agent.

In addition to its critical role in detoxifying the body, supplementing production of glutathione can help support your body in many ways, including support for stress, depression, sleep, skin problems, fatigue, digestion, stomach and bowel problems, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, lung problems/asthma, stroke, cholesterol regulation, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, seizures, burns, kidney problems, hepatitis, ear infections, MS, and athletic performance.

A detoxification program must address glutathione if it hopes to enable the body to truly release its toxins and heal at a cellular level. Only then will your health truly improve.

Clean Cells Can Protect DNA

Healthy membranes are essential to keeping cells clean. Sufficient amounts of the needed antioxidants do the clean-up work inside cells.
Clean, healthy cells are able to make energy, perform their proper function, heal, and protect their DNA.

Our Program Works!

Through restoration of membrane health, removal of toxins that cause inflammation, providing the best antioxidants, proper diet, and supporting the body’s own detox pathways, bodies are finally able to clean and heal.

How Often Should I Detox?

It is generally recommended that adults detox at least twice a year, and some health professionals recommend every quarter.
For those who are currently struggling with an illness, a carefully planned and gentle detox program, which removes sources of inflammation (such toxic chemicals, bad fats, and heavy metals) and addresses every stage of your detoxification pathway system from cells to liver to colon and finally elimination from the body, is an excellent start to improve your health. The right detoxification program establishes the groundwork for healing.

Cleanse Vs Detox

Many people ask about doing a cleanse: liver cleanse, colon cleanse, gallbladder flush, etc. These may have their time and place, but they are not a true detox.
True Detoxification begins in a cell and ends when excreted through the GI. Detoxification requires adequate antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals in your entire system. Detoxification involves many organs and systems, and to be safe and effective, these systems must be prepared to handle all the toxins your cells will release.
“I did a Detox and it made me sick.”

This may happen if your “drain” is plugged or slow. The liver, GI and kidneys do a tremendous amount of work in an active detox. If they are sluggish, deficient in necessary enzymes, methylation, antioxidants or nutrition, weak, sick, or already burdened with a heavy toxic load, they may be unable to process additional toxins as they are released by cells.

It is important to work with an experienced doctor who can identify the signs of readiness, or whether some time is required to “pre-tox,” or prepare your body first. Detoxing can be very uncomfortable and unpleasant if pushed too quickly. Experiencing a “detox reaction” is officially called a Herksheimer reaction. While not uncommon, it is a sign that you are moving faster than your body can accommodate.

A Word of Caution

A detoxification program should always be guided by a health professional. Too often people take detoxing into their own hands, and find they become very sick. It is important to prepare your body’s detox pathways and be sure they are functioning well before stimulating the release of toxins from your tissues and cells. Symptoms occur when the pathways out of the body are slow or impeded. The many detox pathways can become over-burdened and unable to keep up.

As You Select A Detox Program, Dr. Jennings Will Provide Answers to Some Important Questions, Including:
How do I prepare and support my detox pathways?
What is the best way to stimulate and facilitate detox?
How fast can my body detox?
What do I do if I experience detox symptoms?
Is an unpleasant “Healing Crisis” inevitable?

Detoxing Heavy Metals

Heavy metals including lead mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel, cadmium and other heavy metals detox best with special chelating agents. See Dr. Jennings for special testing if you are concerned about symptoms. Dr. Jennings will provide you with additional information on these detoxification programs.

These are all important decisions you should make with a knowledgeable health care professional. Every person is unique and no two detoxification programs should be the same. Dr. Barbara Jennings can help you answer these questions, and has the experience to guide you safely through an effective Cellular Detoxification program.

This program can change your life!