Recently I have been preparing for a free class event to introduce you to CBD Oil, and I want to share some of the highlights here.

Your brain and body is hardwired with an endocannabinoid hormone receptors that help?the vital communication of the centers in your body communicate with each other.

Therefore, CBD oil is an effective nutritional support to the nervous system, endocrine system & immune system – helping to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, support appropriate immune response in autoimmune conditions, allergies, restless legs, leaky gut, and more.

An extract of organic hemp plants, CBD oil is the critical nutrient the American diet has been lacking for at least 80 years. CBD hemp oil is safe for the whole family, and more scientific studies are validating this all the time. It is as safe as Vitamin C.

The Hemp plant has over 60 cannabinoids and stands alone as a treasure chest of nutrition, without equal.

Unlike medical marijuana, hemp contains NO THC and is not psychoactive. You cannot overdose. You cannot get high. You cannot become dependent or addicted.

Among the most prominent health care professionals who support the use of non-psychoactive CBD is physician and researcher William Courtney, M.D. Some of his research is here.

If you live in the Fort Collins area, join us in welcoming Christy Thiel for 2 events to teach you about our newest wonderful tool to offer you in your quest to be HEALTHY & HAPPY.

Please rsvp, seating is limited. Reply here on facebook, or call 970-377-9611 or send an email to: [email protected]

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